Best Coffeeshops in Rembrandtplein

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Amsterdam team

'Don't be misled by the name' can't be stressed enough here! Amsterdam's coffeeshops are the official smoking up joints where you can buy and smoke weed/hash/marijuana/hemp/pot/at your pleasure without worrying about the long arm of the law.

Coffeeshops are one of the most famous forms of entertainment in Amsterdam, and you have a lot of choice all over the city. Here we have provided you with a few options where the establishmnet is known to give high quality service. You could venture into The Doors to indulge in a laid-back ambience with some great music or the De Dampkring which holds a more contemporary aura. On the page opposite you'll find some more options to choose from too. Enjoy and be safe. For more information about drugs in Amsterdam check out our Drug Advice page.