Christmas Wonderland: Explore Amsterdam's Festive Light Displays


Admire the enchanting holiday lights that illuminate Amsterdam

Light Festival Cruise

Embark on a magical journey through Amsterdam's picturesque canals during the holiday season. A light festival cruise offers a unique perspective on the city's enchanting light installations and art displays. Sit back, relax, and let the illuminated canal houses and bridges mesmerize you.


Walking Tour of Illuminated Streets

Join a guided walking tour to experience the festive atmosphere in Amsterdam. Stroll along the beautifully decorated streets as holiday lights create a warm and inviting ambiance. Along the way, learn about the history and traditions of Christmas in the city while reveling in the joyous sights and sounds.


Ice Skating at Museumplein

Get into the holiday spirit by gliding across the ice at Museumplein. This iconic Amsterdam square transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with an ice rink surrounded by twinkling lights and a backdrop of famous museums. Lace up your skates, show off your skills, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


Visit the Amsterdam Light Festival

Don't miss the renowned Amsterdam Light Festival, an annual event that illuminates the city with mesmerizing light art installations. Marvel at the creative displays along the canals, bridges, and public spaces as artists from around the world showcase their talents. Book a guided tour or explore at your own pace.


Ferris Wheel Ride at Dam Square

Take a breathtaking ride on the Ferris wheel at Dam Square for panoramic views of Amsterdam's festive beauty. As you ascend, the city's glittering lights and holiday decorations unfold before your eyes. Capture stunning photos, feel the holiday cheer, and create unforgettable memories from above.


Shop for Unique Gifts in De Negen Straatjes

Explore Amsterdam's charming De Negen Straatjes (The Nine Streets) district, famous for its boutique stores and unique shops. Find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones as you browse through trendy fashion, handmade crafts, vintage treasures, and delightful culinary offerings.


Visit Royal Palace Christmas Exhibition

Step into history and explore the opulent Royal Palace during its enchanting Christmas exhibition. Admire the beautifully decorated halls, adorned with extravagant floral arrangements, sparkling lights, and majestic Christmas trees. Immerse yourself in the regal ambiance and experience a touch of royal holiday spirit.


Christmas Brunch Cruise on the Canal

Combine indulgence and sightseeing with a delightful Christmas brunch cruise along Amsterdam's canals. Feast on a delectable assortment of festive dishes while enjoying panoramic views of the city's enchanting light displays. Toast to the holiday season with a glass of champagne as you cruise in style.


Experience VIP Christmas Shopping in PC Hooftstraat

Discover VIP treatment while browsing luxury brands and high-end boutiques in PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam's most exclusive shopping street. Enjoy personalized shopping assistance, access to VIP areas, and special promotions during the holiday season. Spoil yourself or find the perfect gift of luxury for someone special.


Amsterdam's Winter Parade

Join the festive Winter Parade, a colorful street event that features impressive floats, lively music, and performers dressed as magical characters. Marvel at the dazzling parade as it winds through Amsterdam's streets, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Celebrate the holiday season with this memorable spectacle.


Visit Museumplein Ice Village

Experience the cozy and festive atmosphere of the Museumplein Ice Village. This annual event transforms the square into a charming village with an open-air ice rink, winter markets, food stalls, and live entertainment. Enjoy ice skating, warm beverages, and explore the festive market stalls for unique gifts and souvenirs.


Explore Amsterdam's Christmas Churches

Immerse yourself in the spiritual side of Christmas by visiting Amsterdam's beautiful churches. From the iconic Westerkerk to the historic Oude Kerk, these sacred spaces host special Christmas services and concerts. Admire the stunning architecture, listen to angelic choir performances, and feel the serenity of the season.


Christmas Dinner at a Canal-side Restaurant

Treat yourself to a memorable Christmas dinner at one of Amsterdam's charming canal-side restaurants. Indulge in an exquisite meal featuring traditional Dutch dishes with a festive twist, all while enjoying romantic views of the beautifully illuminated canals. Celebrate the holiday season in a truly enchanting setting.


Family Fun at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Spend a magical day at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, where the holiday spirit comes alive. Discover exotic animals, enjoy festive decorations, and partake in special Christmas activities. From visiting Santa's Grotto to witnessing enchanting light installations, this zoo offers a unique blend of nature and holiday wonder.


Horse-drawn Carriage Ride through Vondelpark

Experience a fairytale-like adventure with a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through Amsterdam's iconic Vondelpark. Snuggle up under cozy blankets and enjoy the enchanting winter scenery as you glide through the park adorned with festive lights. This timeless experience is perfect for couples seeking a magical Christmas outing.


Christmas Eve Mass at Oude Kerk

Attend a traditional Christmas Eve Mass at the historic Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam. Join local worshippers and experience the magic of this sacred night as the church is beautifully illuminated, carols echo through its halls, and the enchanting atmosphere fills your heart with Christmas spirit.