Exploring Amsterdam's Seasonal Parks and Gardens


Relax in the green spaces and floral beauty of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city known for its beautiful parks and gardens that change with the seasons. From colorful tulip fields in spring to vibrant blooms in summer and cozy winter wonderlands, exploring Amsterdam's seasonal parks and gardens is a must-do activity for nature lovers. Whether you're looking to relax in a peaceful setting or take part in outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Keukenhof Gardens

One of the most famous spring gardens in the world, Keukenhof is home to over 7 million tulips and other flowers. Visitors can stroll through the stunning displays, take a boat tour, or even rent a bike to explore the surrounding flower fields.


2. Garden of Amsterdam

Known as the 'Holland in Miniature,' this park features replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, windmills, and buildings. Take a guided tour, rent a bike, or attend one of the park's cultural events and festivals.


3. Amsterdam Forest

One of the largest urban parks in Europe, Amsterdam Forest offers a wide range of activities, including horseback riding, canoeing, and tree climbing. Visit the Openluchttheater for outdoor concerts, explore the petting zoo, or simply enjoy a picnic by the lake.