Dutch Food and Drink

Amsterdam is the most multicultural city in the world with 175 different nationalities, so when you talk about food and drink in Amsterdam then every possible cuisine is possible and available. In the restaurant section of this site you can find whatever cuisine you fancy from Turkish to Thai. Here, however we look at some of the Dutch food and drink that you can try during your stay:


Dutch apple pie, appelgebak is full with apples, raisins, cinnamon and sugar. It usually comes with a huge dollop of whip cream and tastes great with cup of tea or coffee.


A favourite Dutch pub snack, Bitterballen are small balls filled with a meat ragout and after being covered in bread crumbs are deep fried so they go crispy on the outside. Usually served with a sachet of mustard.


Dutch people are totally addicted to sweet and salty licorice and eat more of it per person then any other nationality. If you have a sweet tooth then the salty version will taste like some kind of joke sweet. Take your friend’s home some of the salty drops.


Dutch pea soup is usually a thick blend of vegetables and pork or small pieces of smoked sausage. It’s done right if your spoon can stand up in it and it’s also a tasty and filling winter food especially served on New Years day in Holland.


Herring, Holland’s favourite little fish is a national obsession. The Dutch eagerly await ‘Hollandsenieuwe’ the first herrings of the season in June. and have a bizarre way of eating their herrings. They grab it by its tail and then just let it slide down their throats. 


This is a Dutch delight from their former colonial past. You might not have ever tried Indonesian food and after Indonesia, Holland is one of the best places to try it.  Try the rijsttafel, which means rice table and is actually a variety of small tasty dishes.


The world famous super strong Dutch gin was originally sold as medicine back in the 16th century. The Dutch love jenever, which they sell in two different varieties; oud (old) and Jonge (Young) and of course it is a great souvenir or present to take home.


Probably the number one Dutch snack and are similar to the Bitterballen, with a ragout filling of meat and covered in breadcrumbs but in an oblong shape. Look out for the ingenius snack bar vending machines on every corner.


Oily balls, have a surprisingly off putting name once translated. Still they are massively popular in Holland and are actually supposed to be the invention that led to the American donut and like the donut they come covered with powdered sugar.


These are little pancakes served with melted butter and powdered sugar. The Dutch love pancakes of all sizes and it’s definitely worth visiting a pancake house during a visit to Holland. You can get a variety of sweet or savoury pancakes. 


This is a hearty Dutch winter food where potatoes are mashed together with different vegetables and then served with meat. Try either Borenkool met rookworst, (farmers cabbage with smoked sausage) or Hutspot which made with carrots and onion.


Basically a crispy but soft waffle biscuits with a delicious layer of syrup in the middle. The syrup keeps the two layers together and if you get a big one fresh on the market it’s usually nice and warm and melts in the mouth.

Surinamese Roti

Another colonial delight from Suriname a South American country and former Dutch colony few have heard of.  A sweet and spicey combination of potatoes, green beans meat or veggie option and served with a special roti pancake.


Can be eaten as a breakfast or lunch and is basically brown or white bread or toast with butter and then covered with slices of ham or bacon, cheese and eggs. It’s rather filling so plenty of energy for all the sightseeing you will do.