Places to visit in Amsterdam for Free


Amsterdam is a vibrant city known for its beautiful canals, historic buildings, and artistic culture. While there are many paid attractions to explore, there are also plenty of free things to see and do in this bustling Dutch capital. From scenic parks to cultural hotspots, Amsterdam offers a wide variety of experiences for budget-conscious travelers.

1. Free Walking Tour

Take a free guided walking tour to explore Amsterdam's historic neighborhoods, learn about its rich history, and discover hidden gems along the way. Many tour companies offer complimentary walking tours of the city.


2. Red Light District

While known for its infamous reputation, the Red Light District is also a fascinating area to explore with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and unique shops. Visitors can wander through this bustling neighborhood to experience its vibrant atmosphere.


3. Amsterdam Public Library

Visit Amsterdam Public Library for panoramic views of the city skyline, a collection of books in multiple languages, and free cultural events. Visitors can relax in the library's cafe while taking in the stunning vistas.

4. Free Film Screenings

Catch a free film screening at various venues throughout Amsterdam, showcasing a diverse range of movies from classic films to independent cinema. Visitors can enjoy cinematic experiences without breaking the bank.


5. I Amsterdam Sign

Snap a photo at the iconic I Amsterdam sign located at various spots in the city, including Schiphol Airport and Museumplein. Visitors can capture memorable moments with this famous landmark as a backdrop.

6. Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

Stroll along Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, a charming street in Amsterdam known for its antique shops, art galleries, and unique boutiques. Visitors can browse for vintage treasures, art pieces, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs in this eclectic neighborhood.